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"New York City Classical Guitar Society"

Just wanted to report informally on the recital by the Bocaccio-Gallino Duo at the American Youth Hostels on Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan Friday evening.
Bocaccio and Gallino are from Argentina; I believe they said this was only the second recital in their current tour. The program was all Latin-American, concentrating on Argentine composers and Tango.

However, Celso Marchado of Brazil, Alfonso Montes ov Venezuela, and Hugo Latti of Paraguay were also represented.

None of this music was familiar to me and in fact I think that, with the exception of Piazzolla and perhaps Maximo Pujol I have no familiarity at all with these composers. I understand though that these composers are generally very well known in South America. Judging by the quality of the writing, I definitely think they all deserve a place in the repertoire.

Most of these are dance based, very accessible and entertaining.

Very tonal stuff for 20th century music, it still made use of interesting harmonic shifts, frequent modulations, interesting and contrasting rhythms. The duo used just about every percussive effect in the book, and occasional very effective use of harmonics, especially in Piana y Castillo's "Silbando" (Whistling).

For someone plodding away alone in my office on easy-intermediate warhorses, the most exceptional thing was their ensemble playing. The writing for two guitars was amazing, with exceptional interplay between the two parts. I'm more used to hearing one guitar in an obviously supporting role to the other, but here the lead was constantly changing. It gave a completely different perspective to the music.

This was true for both the pieces originally written for two guitars and for the pieces arranged for two guitars.
There were occasionally some minor intonation problems, and this got me thinking as to the potential for difficulties in larger chamber groups and orchestras. But the duo dealt with these well, and there were no major tuning breaks. This was definitely the best approach for this lively, insouciant music. I am also embarrassed to say I didn't know which guitarist was whichnor were they individually introduced.

This is one aspect of being a duo that I can empathize with. No matter, they will definitely send me running to work on Matanyas "Tangos and Milongas" book.

I have not been at the New York AYH building at 891 Amsterdam in probably over 10 years. The recital was held in the chapel, which was an excellent choice. It was a medium sized recital hall, and the acoustics were quite good for two unamplified guitars. I'd guess there were 50 or 60 in attendance. I am amazed to say that my wife and I probably brought the average age of attendees UP, a situation I am very much unfamiliar with at any type of classical concert. I also had the opportunity to meet Lester Long's absolutely gorgeous wife and daughter.

Lester and everyone involved deserves a hugh "thank you, and congratulations"! I know my family is looking forward to the next NYCCGS concert!

Steven Bornfeld