We first met in 1975, while we were studying at the “Conservatorio Municipal de Música Manuel de Falla” in Buenos Aires, from which we graduated as Music teachers. We both attended the classes of a true guitar master, Abelardo Veiga, to whom we dedicate this work. A few years later, in 1979, we decided to embark on the adventure of forming a guitar duo. Then, we performed our first concerts and radio auditions, and we started touring the country. At the same time, and with the purpose of improving our performance, we took lessons with splendid teachers like Marta Norese, Eduardo Castañera, Abel Carlevaro and the unforgettable Miguel Ángel Girollet. We participated in several contests. Undoubtedly, the most outstanding one was the “Concurso nacional para dúo de guitarras; homenaje a Jorge Martínez Zárate”, sponsored by the “Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación” in 1993. On that occasion we were awarded the first prize.

Some time later, we made the initial recordings and presentations with orchestra. We also toured abroad, first within Latin America, and then the trip to Europe came true.

Along this road, we had the pleasure to meet many valuable people. Of all of them, we wish to specially mention Hugo Latti and Juan José Ramos, good friends of ours, who are no longer among us. This work contains some of their compositions.

The European tour made us realize how important it is to include more Argentine and Latin American compositions of a popular character in our repertoire

 That is the way “Handmade” was shaped, a work we want to share with you.