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 Bocaccio - Gallino.


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A. BARRIOS: Estudio en si Menor;
M. D. PUJOL: Café para Dos: Truco Suite; Tangondo.
A. MONTES: Coroto.
J. CARDOSO: Milonga: Entre Hinojos, Ortigas y Cardos.
J. ALFONSO/J. A. ZABALA: Calle Angosta.
A. VILLOLDO: El Choclo.
S. PIANA/C. CASTILLO: Caserón de Tejas.
G. M. RODRIGUEZ: La Cumparsita.
H. SALGAN: A Fuego Lento.
C. MACHADO: Ciranda; Caterete.

Dúo de Guitarras Bocaccio Gallino
PAI 3074


Enrique Bocaccio and Juan Gallino formed their duo partnership in 1979 and their playing on this recording reflects that longstanding musical relationship they have had with each other over the years with strong performances and knowledgeable interpretations of familiar and non-familiar South American compositions.

Máximo Diego Pujol is the 'most featured' artist on this recording, his first offering being the engaging title track Café para Dos, a melancholy-joyful-melancholy composition composed for this duo and here recorded for the first time. Pujol's Truco Suite, a four movement work premiered by the Bocaccio-Gallino Duo in Buenos Aires in 2000, was inspired by an Argentine and Uruguayan popular card game, its movement depicting the various stages of the game. For this reviewer Truco Suite is the zenith of this programme, it features all the typical attributes one associates with this excellent composer and more. The recital concludes with the third piece by Pujol, his trio Tangondo for which the duo are joined by Victor Villadangos.

The duo is joined by David Caswell on two other tracks, the attractive Cardoso piece Entre Hinojos . .. and Machado's lovely Ciranda which has one of those tunes you just cannot get out of your head after just one listening. A quartet is formed from the duo, Caswell and Marcelo Ferraris on the other Machado composition, Caterete..

In the rest of the programme there are some delightful offerings which not only show off the musicianship this duo to the full but also illustrate what a wealth of melody comes from this part of the world.

A thoroughly enjoyable recording from start to finish.

 Steve Marsh